How to build a successful brand awareness?

Brand awareness is the main purpose of the social media marketing that every business wishes to achieve this marketing goal to humanize your brand and evolve and surpass other competitors to generate leads and boost product sales.

Nowadays, building brand awareness needs social media as an important new tool for successful progress.  This article is going to walk you through some critical knowledge

What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness definition starts with building a brand image and improving it to stand out among a large crowd. Proceeding the power of your brand awareness determines how much your brand is well-known by potential customers, as a result of offering high-quality, appropriate products or services to the right audience.

Creating brand awareness is the key point to advertise a product line to convey brand identity and encourage a large network of people to recognize you as a consistent brand personality.

  • Brand awareness refers to the marketing strategy that can expose you to a wider audience.
  • Increasing brand awareness begins with a set of Inbound marketing activities to help brands grow quickly.
  • To better understand brand awareness, we need to know the importance of brand awareness, build brand awareness, boost it, and measure brand awareness.

Why is brand awareness important?

Establishing brand awareness is important first because it includes a big part of the marketing process. Building brand awareness plays a crucial role in marketing your business, and trustworthiness is the main step of brand awareness marketing to generate sales associated with a loyal audience.  In that case, brand equity and affinity are two marketing missions that brands attempt to reach, which reminds the importance of brand awareness.

Raise brand awareness by considering the brands’ value among consumers, and the value of that product without branding refers to the brand equity. Also, sharing a brand’s values with loyal customers can help brands build a community around them, known as brand affinity.

It does not make any difference to have a strong brand awareness advertising such as content marketing or inbound marketing; the thing which is only can help brands to get the best reaction is focusing on your brand message consist of company name, logo, brand slogan, products design and offers that leads into a great experience for your audience and customers.

How do you create brand awareness?

Although establishing brand awareness is not an easy task to be completed by a marketing campaign or dedicating a high marketing budget, creating brand awareness is an absolutely essential strategy to keep branding on the brains, but it depends on how you want to leverage your brand awareness, whether by street marketing or word -of- mouth marketing. Keep in mind that building strong brand awareness results from using multiple marketing ways to feel ahead of your competitors.

How to build brand awareness

Here are some practical marketing approaches that are known as the best ways which affect boosting brand awareness besides making a great impression on your audience:

  • Create a branded hashtag on social media, especially Instagram

Hashtags are necessary to spread brand awareness on social media, especially when they inspire the brand name, slogans that are more useful to feature their products also offer key benefits for brands to measure their performance, increase reach, and brand content discovery that will make their brands more popular and discoverable.

  • Be active on different social media  channels to raise brand awareness

The more brands are active on different marketplaces, the more interaction they can make with the right marketing strategy. They just need to be consistent and execute distinctive tactics on each platform to identify their weaknesses and strengths to understand your target audience.

  • Attend local events as a sponsor

Brands can partner or take sponsorship of local events to build brand awareness and win more customers. Sponsors offer funding or products and services to endorse events such as trade shows, groups, or nonprofits. In return, brands obtain business exposure and a chance to connect with new customers to cause brand visibility and achieve sales goals.

  • Take advantage of brand ambassadors to increase brand awareness

Brand ambassadors are professional marketers who are good at promoting brand awareness to a large audience, so brands can take advantage of these individuals to take social media by the storm to become famous by associating their names with brand ambassadors better reach out to a wider audience and gain trust.

  • Do not forget post consistency to feature your brand personality and position

It is so important to socialize your brand using the right effective ways to interact with your audience. Post consistency is the first and great strategy to overcome the hardship of getting through your audience by creative ideas including unrelated or trend content type, till most relevant branding content.

  • Use storytelling voice as one of the powerful marketing tactics to promote your brand

People like to experience brands with new ideas and a fresh atmosphere to grab users’ attention to test out their products at least once.  Thus they start doing research for the target audience to know how to design their logo and select the combination of their brands’ colors to easily attract them. It could be so amazing if your online marketers tell a narrative with the help of strengthening their brand image in front of your audience.

  • Freebies and social media contest always work best

Having a rapid growth in brand awareness advertising is really possible with running social media contests and freebie things and donating your free products at local events. Social media contests can attract many new audiences to get to know and follow your brand page in exchange for offering free products or big discount.

Bargain websites also recommended promoting brand authority and building brand awareness.

How to measure brand awareness?

Finally, brands should know if their marketing attempts were effective enough or not to get that their brand identity resonates with their business vision and reach positive results or negative ones. How could they understand this by measuring brand awareness? Well, brand awareness measurement is in the hand of marketing metrics to gauge the final brand picture.

In general, we need to measure brand awareness due to:

  • Boost sales and raise market shares
  • Improving marketing activities and make better results
  • Perceiving  spread of influence in the market

Marketing metrics should brands measure

  1. Reach refers to one of the analytical metrics that shows the maximum number of people who view a brand’s particular content on social media
  2. Engagement measures the public shares likes and comments for an online business’ social media efforts
  3. The number of mentions is related to the number of times a brand’s name has been mentioned on social media platforms.

Ways of measuring brand awareness

  1. Website traffic
    Considering your website traffic is the first way of measuring brand awareness. Using google analytics delivers you the number of people who interact with your different social media channels. Monitoring your brand awareness over time will give you the chance to recognize which channel works best in attracting the target audience as well as which channel needs working.
  2. Use social media listening tools
    It matters to use social media listening tools to measure your brand awareness success and analyze track audience conversation and reactions for great insights.
    It lets brands monitor their social media channels for brand mentions, relevant hashtags, competitor mentions, and Industry trends related to their niches. Analyze this information help brands to better hear real consumer’s ideas as they are naturally expressed to engage with them at the right time.
  3. Measure social media activities
    From the number of likes, follows, and comments that brands receive, you can guess their social media brand awareness. Try to keep track of social media shares, likes, and comments to measure how much your brand successfully increased engagement and attracted users. Nothing like a useful content strategy comes to mind as an important factor for getting positive social media activities.

All in all, brand awareness is all about brands marketing efforts to recognize what is the reaction of customers towards their brand names and products, services, and supports, which might include the qualities that distinguish the product from its competition.

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