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How smart brand partnership can build brand awareness in 2020?

Today, Instagram has become one of the essential parts of our daily lives and almost everybody in this world has an IG account. Hence, it is one of the most popular social media networks. So, it is natural to use it as an advertising tool! Actually, you cannot name a brand or a huge company that doesn’t have an Instagram account. So, they all join this social media network to attract people and get more potential customers. However, it has become somehow hard to gain more attractions. Therefore, companies and brands are trying ways such as partner marketing and brand partnership strategies to build brands on Instagram and succeed in their business. But what are these strategies exactly? How do they work? How can we use them to win on our Instagram business? If you are concerned about each of these questions, keep reading to find the answers!


As it can be guessed from its name, partner marketing is a marketing strategy that depends on more than one company or brand. In brief, partner marketing can be defined as a brand partnership. But what does it mean? 

Actually, on social media websites, especially on Instagram you will notice that some posts are common on some brand pages. Usually, these posts are announcing you of a contest and some prizes that will be given to the winner by just taking some simple steps. These posts are informing you about an Instagram brand partnership or partner marketing. But why do companies need to hold such partnerships?

Obviously, these partnerships have been done to obtain some benefits for both sides of the partnership. For example, they might have been held to:

  • Attract more customers
  • Get more likes and follows on Instagram 
  • Advertise new products 
  • Sell the old products with fewer prices 
  • Increase the Instagram engagement rate 

And so many other things. But now, let’s see how can you find a good partner to hold a brand partnership with. 


brand partnership on Instagram

To start brand partnerships or partner marketings on Instagram you need to find a suitable partner in your business. But how is a good partner like? 

Actually, if you are about to build brands on Instagram or other social media platforms using these marketing strategies, you have to find a partner that is able to best describe the purpose of your business. It means that when choosing a partner to work with, you have to take care of the following options:

  1. Your partner must be attracted to your business. 
  2. One of the partners must have a great number of followers to help you increase your engagement rate. 
  3. At least one partner should be able to support you financially during the partnership. 

And so many other factors. 

After finding a suitable partner, you have to design a plan that leads the partnership into success. But how to start a brand partnership on Instagram? Follow the steps below:

Step 1) First of all, you must talk about your budget with your partner and fix the amount of money you want to cost. 

Step 2) Run a contest on Instagram and define some rules for it to restrict the number of winners. Actually, obe of the most important things you have to set as a rule is to ask people to follow all the pages that are participated in the contest and also like their posts. In addition, if they tag some friends you will have a higher chance to have a great partner marketing on Instagram. 

Step 3) You and your partners must post some announcements on your social media accounts to attract more people. Also, it is important to post continuously as long as the contest is open. 

That’s it! Actually, you can pretend these marketings strategies as Instagram loop giveaways o influencer boxes too.  


To succeed on Instagram brand partnerships, you have to post on all the partner pages simultaneously, create high-quality content, and also automate the process in order to save more time. Hence, in the following, we will introduce a tool that is a perfect tool to deliver sales and leads to brand partners. 


An amazing tool to create, post and also reward people on Instagram brand partnerships is AiSchedul. AiSchedul is an Instagram based platform that will let you schedule posts and stories, repost content, create all-in-one links and also create posts suitable for partner marketings. But let’s see how it helps you and how it works. 


Actually, AiSchedul is a tool that automates the process of sending posts at the best time possible, finding the winners, and also contact them to give the prizes. Hence, you can optimize your time and focus on creating high-quality posts instead of checking the rules you have set for winning person by person. 

But how to work with this amazing tool? Let’s find out!


To post and reward on Instagram automatically using AiSchedul, follow these steps:

Step 1) First of all, open the Post Reward tap on the AiSchedul website and click on “Try Free”. 

How to post and reward using a free app

Step 2) Then, enter your email address, set a password and hot the register button. If you already have an AiSchedul account, just skip this step and login to your account. 

free app to shcedule posts on instagram

Step 3) Now, add your Instagram account(s) to AiSchedul, and tap on the manage account button on the dashboard or tap on “Post & Reward” from the menu bar on the left side of the page. Note that you can add as many accounts as you want!

shcedule get reward

Step 4) After that, click on the “Schedule to Reward” button. 

schedule to reward influencer box

Step 5) Now, upload the photo(s) you want to share as the announcement. In addition, by filling in the boxes below the photo, you can define the rules to join the contest. Moreover, edit the DM that will be sent automatically to the participants. 

how to post on instagram

Step 6) Then, edit the caption, choose HashTags to be posted on the first comment, set the date and time and also choose the accounts you want to share the posts on. Now, just hit the “Schedule Post” button and sit and watch the process. 

automate scheduling process

That’s all! You have saved a great deal of time and all the things will be done automatically!


To wrap it up, brand partnerships will help you to grow rapidly, especially when you want to build brands on Instagram. However, taking care of all the factors that will lead you to succeed takes a lot of time and it may need most of your energy. So what can you do? Fortunately, there is a platform named AiSchedul that will help you a lot with this problem. Using this platform you can almost automate the process of delivering sales and the prizes of social media contests and experience good brand marketing. So, check their website right now and give it a try. 

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