No one was talking about it ten years ago – and now, it’s a huge, multi-billion dollar industry – Instagram influencing, becoming brand ambassadors for companies.

Companies, individuals, brands, bloggers, and everyone else are flocking to Instagram. And the way they’re transforming their ideas and products into followers, comments, and likes are through Instagram influencers.

The term Instagram influencer refers to specific types of brand ambassadors – one who uses and handles the Instagram platform. And this niche has exploded to become a hotbed of brand ambassadors jobs in recent years.

This begs the question: With so much influencing happening, what industries pay the most for Instagram influencers?

There’s a cluster of industries and niches that are particularly profitable, and they all center on something that’s at the heart and core of Instagram: lifestyle. Think fashion, style, travel, beauty and makeup, fitness. It’s in these industries that brand ambassadors salary will be at its highest: fashion ambassadors, beauty ambassadors, style ambassadors, and fitness ambassadors.

Why? These industries are all about people drawn not just to a product, but to a deeper idea. The products come afterwards. When it comes to fashion, travel, fitness, and the other hottest hashtags within the Instasphere, people are looking for ideas about how to live, what to do, and how to express themselves.

That means that being within these industries, it is demanded of brand ambassadors that they are creative and have great ideas. Also, it is amazing that these industries offer incredible potential. Unlimited potential, in fact! The expansion of these industries show no signs of slowing down. It’s only a matter of how much you can push and put your creativity into practice.


Giorgia Mondani is an excellent example within the fashion and style realm of brand ambassadors on Instagram. She works with Millenary Watches, where consumers can sell and buy pre-owned luxury watches, which is apart of the Wwatches Instagram network, a large watch blog/Instagram influencer Instagram page with over 140, 000 followers. Wwatches works with influencers like Giorgia having her sport luxury watches on Instagram. And with her having 170, 000 followers and a massive Instagram name for herself, she receives ample compensation.


fashion ambassador


To sum up: when it comes to becoming fashion or style brand ambassadors on Instagram, the industries to focus on are those centred on lifestyle. Fashion, fitness, beauty & makeup, travel, food, and design. These are the highest-paying industries for Instagram influencers, and if you learn how to master them, there is a lot of money to be made.

And how to master them?

Check out some of our other posts for loads of information about how to do it – but here’s one great tip: check out, a platform that serves as a super powerful booster for your Instagram profile. We’ve used it with some of our IGs and have seen great results.

And for all you lifestyle and style ambassadors and Instagram influencers out there: keep posting and creating!

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