Is there a best time to post on Instagram, a particular time of day, when posts are more likely to receive attention and encourage engagement?

This is an idea many Instagram influencers – aspiring ones, too – have wondered about. We all want to maximize our posts and reach as many followers as possible, right? And to know how to post on Instagram like a pro influencer?

The answer is yes: some times of day are better than others. As to the question of what time specifically that is, some data provides answers.

But things might be a bit more complicated in reality.

So, what’s the best time to post on Instagram?

Overall, engagement on Instagram is at its highest during the work-week: that is to say, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday. Wednesday and Thursday morning and evening have been indicated as the cream of the crop for moments to drop a new post.

In general, it makes sense. You want to hit people with new posts while they’re sitting on the bus or train to work, while they’re bored in their offices, or while they’re headed home from work.

And apparently, hump day and Thursday are the moments when people need that distraction the most.

Busy weekends, the sleeping hours, and dinnertime, and hours when people are otherwise occupied with something away from their phones are not the best time to post on Instagram.

It’s pretty simple: think about what time people are using their phones, and the moments suggested by the data make sense. You want to reach people in the times when they a) habitually check Instagram and b) are on their phones anyways, and are therefore very likely to open up Instagram to take another peek.

There is one catch, though.

best time to post on instagram

This data is skewed for certain time zones. And everyone’s set of followers is very different.

That’s the nature of the Instasphere: it’s a world of niches populated by vastly different sets of people.

So, the data that says these times and those times are the best should be looked at as an average of a massive amount of data representing a considerable number of different people.

That doesn’t mean it’s not essential. For many Instagram users, these times will do a pretty good job of representing the moments when it’s the best time to post on Instagram. They’re a great place to start when you begin (or continue) experimenting with timed posts – an excellent tool that you should check out.

Our tip: check out, an Instagram bot that helps up your engagement by giving you a variety of tools. Timed and scheduled posts are one of them.

Or, here’s a fresh list of tips and methods you can use to combine scheduling with automation and other tools to not only post at the best time to post on Instagram but in the best ways too.

So, experiment with Wednesday and Thursday morning and evening – 5:00-7:00 AM, and 3:00-7:00 PM – but don’t stop there. Start taking notes and keeping track of what happens.

Think about it

quiet time

Did you drop a random post at midnight once – and it was a pretty cool post, too – but woke up the next day to find crickets chirping? Maybe if you were to schedule it and have it posted at 3:00 PM, you get much more engagement.

Or maybe it’s the other way around, and that random post you made at midnight somehow got more comments and likes than you’re used to.

What’s important is that you keep track of that. An Instagram business account can help provide useful data and information, but even without one, you can start taking notes about what times of day and days of the week work the best and seem to get the most likes and comments.

There are a lot of factors, after all.

Where in the world are your followers located? Brazil, or Germany? Are you followed by geriatrics, or by stay-at-home moms? Do people seem to love your daily evening posts, or are you working hour stories the ones that receive the most attention?

These are questions that each influencer will have different answers for.

And they’re questions that will allow you to figure what the best time to post on Instagram is for you.

So: start with the data, and the ‘best’ times as they’re known. But don’t stop there.

And keep on posting!

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