You may already own a travel blog and want to turn yourself into an Instagram sensation, or you might be eager to start writing on Instagram – but have no idea to do so… either way; this is the article for you! Read on to find out all you need to know about how to become a travel blogger on Instagram!

Travel Bloggers Are in High Demand!

There aren’t a lot of people out there who can afford to travel around and write about it. This makes for a particularly good niche market – if you have the means (and the skills). A niche market is a particular area where needs aren’t being met, and if you can find yourself a specific area of interest that nobody else is covering you could be on to a winner!

To become a successful travel blogger on Instagram follow our simple steps below!

steps to become a travel blogger

Step 1: Set Yourself Up For Success!

You need an Instagram account (duh!) and a blog. You can link both together fairly easily. Some of the best free blog pages to start you off on are Blogger and WordPress, but a Wix or Yolasite will also suffice.

Step 2: Fill Up Your Page!

Unfortunately, we can’t become successful Instagram travel bloggers if we don’t want to write anything. In order to start building your name for yourself as a blogger, you need to have actual, physical material to punt to potential followers. Create this material, study all you can about writing and make sure you take lots of pictures for both the blog and the account.

Step 3: Keep Posting!

A few posts to Instagram now and then won’t cut it! Post every day. You don’t need a fresh blog every day but you do need a fresh photograph to keep your followers updated with your adventures. After you have been doing this for a while you should be able to examine your own metrics, see which blogs are the most popular and continue with that niche.

Before too long an advertiser will approach you wishing to place ads on your pages, with a little more luck, an offer for a brand ambassador job should follow. When people start flocking to you for advice before they go off on holiday then you know you have made it! Congratulations: you are now a professional Instagram Travel Blogger!

Step 4: Use a Growth Tool!

There are many ways to get followers in 2019 but many are not authentic followers. With AiGrow (a FREE growth tool), you can target real people via locations, hashtags and more so the platform follows the users for you. Also, with a bit of manual implementation, auto like and auto comment so the platform engages for you!

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