If you are interested in becoming the next big beauty influencer or the most fashionable new makeup influencer on Instagram, then you will need help.

It’s not only about looking good 24 hours a day – it’s also about getting to grip with Instagram, learning the tricks of the trade and making the most of your following to attract new growth.

We know all about how to become a beauty influencer on Instagram – and just what you need to do to be a successful make-up influencer, too.

So, what do you need to know? Let’s give you a quick guide on how you could become the next big beauty influencer on Insta!

How Do I Become a Beauty Influencer or Makeup Influencer?

beauty influencer makeup influencer

To become an Instagram beauty Influencer or makeup influencer all you need is an Instagram account and a whole load of knowledge about beauty!

While the job description of a makeup influencer is almost exclusively to do with applying makeup, Vlogging (Lifewire) tips and tricks for application and making looks that stun your average passerby using an array of fantastic cosmetics; the job of a beauty influencer is a little bigger.

Beauty covers everything from hair and makeup to skin health and wellness.

Beauty can be internal as well as external, and those who explore these links tend to do well.

If you want to be successful as an Instagram influencer in either makeup or beauty there are certain people you should be looking towards as good examples of how to make it big.

Check out Nikkie De Jager who runs Nikki Tutorials, or start following Jeffree Star for some makeup inspiration from the contour queen.

So How Do I Get Big On Instagram?

how to get big on instagram

First of all, you need an account, second of all you need an idea, or an angle, and third of all you need to start posting.

Putting up a post of every new look you produce, keeping a video diary or sharing your unique techniques with the world will get you off to a good start,

Don’t forget to take advantage of trending hashtags and learn the regular top ones to make sure your posts can be seen by the public and you grow your audience.

Once you have a handle on Instagram you will need to keep those posts coming and invest in the right tools to keep you growing organically.

AI Grow has a great set of Instagram tools that you can use to generate hashtags of your own, send mass DM’s to advertise and keep track of all your Instagram info in one centralized location.

Once you have completed this step you will be on a sure path to success as a makeup influencer, or as a beauty influencer, on Instagram! Best of all you can start a free trial right now.

Hints and Tips To Make You A Great Beauty Influencer and Makeup Influencer

As well as having some of the best Instagram tools on the internet, we also have all the latest trends, tips and tricks to help you become a better makeup Influencer or beauty influencer.

Visit our page regularly for all the updates we can give to turn our clients from Insta-noobs to Instagram stars!

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