Have you ever bookmarked a photo to come back and download later to your computer? Saving your own Instagram photos is a simple task, but saving another user’s image is quite tricky. Instagram has some useful features which can help you to download your photos and to bookmark different users’ photos easy. However, it doesn’t allow you to download just any user’s pictures how can from a web page.  In this article, we will show you some methods to autosave any photos you want on Instagram.

Save your own Instagram photos

To autosave your own Instagram photos, navigate to your profile tab in the Instagram app. Tap the three-line icon (hamburger menu) on the top right corner to access your settings, found at the bottom right here. Then, tap Account.


Scroll down to Original Photos, and tap it to open. Tap the switch to turn on the Save Original Photos feature. If it has been turned properly, the switch will appear blue.

Use screen capture to autosave an Instagram photo

The easiest way to autosave a copy of another user’s image is to use your device‘s screen capture function. It is quick, but the results are less than ideal, as the image will include all of the Instagram user interfaces and will need to be cropped to remove.


Use a web browser to autosave an Instagram photo

The best way to save another user’s photos requires opening the Instagram post in your computer’s browser. Let’s start by sending an Instagram post from phone to the computer. Tap the three dot icon on any photos in the Instagram app and then tap copy link. With the link copied, open the mail application and pastes the link into an email to yourself.


Open the link in your email on the computer and copy and paste the Instagram URL into your browser. You can do this with any web browser but I find the easiest way to do is Google Chrome.

Once the Instagram post loads in your browser, right click and select View Page Source (Ctrl+U) to open a new tab with all the code.


The image file with end with .jpg. You can open the Keyword Finder function by using the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+F) in windows or CMD+F on a Mac.

With the Keyword Finder open, enter .jpg into the search field.  The first .jpg you find will be the image file. Using the cursor, highlight everything from https to .jpg and copy it.


Now, paste the URL into your web browser. When the image loads, you should be able to right-click it and select Save Image As to autosave it to your computer. It is complicated but it works.


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