What is the 80/20 rule for social media?

The 80/20 social media marketing rule is that 80% of businesses posts on social media should inform, educate, and/or entertain. This 80% of your content should mainly be focused on what really interests your audience, or more specifically your ideal customer/client and engages them in conversations. Only the remaining 20% should work directly promote your brand/business. If you’re feeling skeptical just try applying ‘The 80/20 Rule’ to your social media strategy for 30-days and see the results for yourself.

Why does the 80/20 rule work?

Marketing has changed drastically over the last ten years and has even experienced significant change within the last three. Some modes and methods of marketing will never change, like the untouchable success of word-of-mouth.

However, many aspects of marketing have and are still rapidly changing. Such as with social media’s growing regularity in the presence of people’s everyday lives which has developed it into a crucial platform for marketing.

That being said, people use social media to be social. They don’t want to be exposed to advertisements or online sales pitches and are generally annoyed when they are subjected to it. Successful social media marketing is strategized so that it is about building relationships and a brand identity people can connect with, or would want to adopt as part of what makes up their own identity as a consumer. Rather than annoying your audience with irrelevant advertisements, real social media marketing success comes from delivering meaningful content.

How can you implement ‘The 80/20 Rule’ to your social media content?

Focus 20% of your content on promotional material about your brand, while also including information that benefits your audience. This includes sharing discounts, special offers, useful statistics and more. It is key to integrate a persuasive call-to-action that will encourage your audience to learn more about your business and possibly lead to conversion in the future.

Dedicate 80% of your content to being interesting and shareable. Make sure that this percentage of your content is actually catering to the interests and needs of your audience, while still relating or remaining relevant to the services/products your business offers. This content can include inspirational quotes, links to news, blogs and your community impact, or outreach. The subject matter of these posts should support your brand identity, the way you do business and your opinion of what is going on in/the future of your industry. This type of content can be achieved by creating and sharing interesting content with your own followers that are genuinely trying to connect to them.

One way to come up with some of this content while building up your own following is through compiling content from influencers on the same page as your business within your industry. By following these influencers you can learn from the content that they are producing. Additionally, you can use these influencers to collect content that appeals to your audience and then shares it on your social channels to supplement your own content with their supporting opinions, or to reshare if you are not ready to create your own. Take this a step further by engaging with your influencers so that they become motivated to want to share your content, or advocate for your business.

In short…

If your content is too oriented on promoting itself as a means of boosting sales, it will show. Your audience will soon become irritated by your content, reject it and block it out. It has been proven that successful social media marketing can be attained by uncovering what your audience is really interested in and responding to those needs. This means By concentrating the majority (80%) of your content on these interests and needs, in tandem with maintaining a consistent, sustainable, and engaging online social media presence. We hope Empty Desk Solutions has been able to help provide you with some insight into the importance of the 80/20 social media rule. If you have any inquiries, please reach out to us at any time!




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