If you want to increase your Instagram engagement, not only you have to gain more likes, but also you have to earn them fast! Many apps can help you achieve this goal. So, sit tight and read the following to learn about Instagram likes app for Android.

Why Do I Need More Likes?

Likes show how popular your post is. When someone sees your feed, he or she slowly slides the eyes down at the numbers of likes that your post got. But this is not the main reason why your post should have more likes. The real reason is achieving a higher level of engagement through likes.

When your feed has a satisfying amount of engagement, Instagram automatically will put it as top results, both on your followers’ feed and the explore page.

Here are Top Seven Instagram Likes Apps for Android:

1- AiGrow

AiGrow is your best choice when it comes to choosing a marketing platform for Instagram. This professional app offers a whole package of tools that helps you effectively to grow your Instagram engagement. As “likes” is one of the significant elements that Instagram’s algorithm considers for calculating the engagement rate of a post, AiGrow puts much effort into gaining likes.

Instagram Likes Apps for Android

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This comprehensive application uses Instagram Pods to make sure the users buildup real and organic interactions. You’re maybe wondering how these Instagram engagement groups are going to attract natural likes from real people. Aren’t they bots? Well, short answer, no.

Actually, AiGrow Pods are groups on Telegram Messenger that Instagrammers from the same business and interests join in. For example, suppose that you are running a page about dogs. There are cute, funny, and no one can resist loving them. But despite the high-quality photos and funny videos that you are uploading every day, your posts are not attracting a decent amount of likes. That’s simply because your interaction with other users is low.


To solve this problem and put your cute poppies on the Instagram spotlight, you can search for dogs or animals AiGrow pods and join them. Some of these groups have more than thousands of members. Then, you have to use Telegram Messenger to find AiGrow Chatbot. This bot will notify all the members when a new post publishes. When the members see the notification, they will open the post and engage with the content.

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How Can I be Sure Pods’ Members will Actively Participate in Liking my Contents?

You will be happy to hear that AiGrow uses weekly monitoring to ensure that everybody is active in each pod. So, if you join a group and don’t interact – while others are supporting your post – you will be considered as a leecher. Unfortunately, there’s no place for leechers in AiGrow Pods!

Instagram Likes Apps for Android


Join Engagement Groups


Here are some of the most popular AiGrow Instagram Pods that you can start gaining your likes with:

1- Fashion, Style, and Art

2- Travel and fun

3- Entrepreneurs

4- Like

5- Fitness, health, and exercise

Why is AiGrow The Ultimate Instagram Likes App?

Apart from what mentioned above, AiGrow offers many upgrade plans which enable its customers an even higher engagement experience. The best option for you would be the “Managed VIP.” What is great about this option is that an expert will accompany you in every step of your journey in growing on Instagram. This dedicated expert account manager will allocate 30 hours per month just to help you out in setting the right goals, settings, and how to achieve them.

Moreover, unlike most of the mobile applications that give you fake likes, AiGrow guarantees to gain more than 500 new, real followers per month with the Managed VIP.

Finally, using AiGrow is a piece of cake. You can access to AiGrow anywhere from any device, using your browser. Remember, if you have any questions, you can always consult with their support group. So, enjoy multiplying your number of likes by using AiGrow right now!



2- IGHoot

Instagram Likes Apps for Android that you can use to improve your likes and engagement rate is IGHoot. This free Instagram tool offers likes, comments, and followers. Also, using this platform, you can download photos, videos, and even profile pictures from Instagram.

Moreover, IGHoot does not ask you for your Instagram password. You can log-in only with your username. You can download this Instagram likes app for Android here.

3- Likegram

Likegram – Get Free Instagram Likes and Views helps you to get many likes and views on Instagram. This Android application can come handy by increasing the popularity of your photos and page. To use this app, you have to like other user’s photos to earn coins and then use these coins to get your own likes. Also, the first twenty likes in this app are for free.

4- Turbo Like for Instagram

If you like to gain more genuine likes on Instagram, you can use Turbo Like for Instagram. This app provides you considerable amounts of likes from real users in a very short time. Also, this Android application helps you to stand out among other like-seekers. Turbo Like uses the Like4Like technique, one of the quickest ways to gain engagement.

5- IstLike

With IstLike, you can access three different promotional plans: likes, bonuses, and followers. Like promotional plan helps you to gain more likes from Instagrammers. Many real Instagram users use this practical app to improve their engagement rate on Instagram. Also, one of the useful features of this app is that you can earn bonuses by inviting your friends. Moreover, you can buy coins. Download this application to enjoy its user-friendly tools.

6- Likes plus

Likes Plus is the sixth Instagram Likes Apps for Android that will help you to attract more followers and eventually to increase your number of likes. This leads to more engagement and of course, more expose on Instagram. Working with this Android app is extremely easy and it only takes a few minutes to set up.

7- Get Instant Likes

With its large number of popular hashtags, Get Instant Like helps you to get the likes that you want rapidly. Also, it uses a practical approach to do that. After installing this app, you will see a noticeable increase in the level of your Instagram engagement. You can also edit the groups of hashtags that this app has as a primary setting. Fitness, holidays, food, and fashion are some of the most popular categories of hashtags in this app.

Instagram Likes Apps for Android

Leading a marketing campaign on Instagram can be a demanding task. If you want to make sure that your efforts will lead to a lasting result, you have to make sure you get help from the bests. So, make sure you choose the best partner for your growth on Instagram.



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