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7 of The Best Instagram Likes Apps for Android

If you want to increase your Instagram engagement, not only you have to gain more likes, but also you have to earn them fast! Many apps can help you achieve this goal. So, sit tight and read the following to learn about Instagram likes app for Android.


Likes show how popular your post is. When someone sees your feed, he or she slowly slides the eyes down at the numbers of likes that your post got. But this is not the main reason why your post should have more likes. The real reason is achieving a higher level of engagement through likes.

When your feed has a satisfying amount of engagement, Instagram automatically will put it as top results, both on your followers’ feed and the explore page.

Here are Top Seven Instagram Likes Apps for Android:


AiGrow is your best choice when it comes to choosing a marketing platform for Instagram. This professional app offers a whole package of tools that helps you effectively to grow your Instagram engagement. As “likes” is one of the significant elements that Instagram’s algorithm considers for calculating the engagement rate of a post, AiGrow puts much effort into gaining likes.

Instagram Likes Apps for Android

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This comprehensive application uses Instagram Pods to make sure the users buildup real and organic interactions. You’re maybe wondering how these Instagram engagement groups are going to attract natural likes from real people. Aren’t they bots? Well, short answer, no.

Actually, AiGrow Pods are groups on Telegram Messenger that Instagrammers from the same business and interests join in. For example, suppose that you are running a page about dogs. There are cute, funny, and no one can resist loving them. But despite the high-quality photos and funny videos that you are uploading every day, your posts are not attracting a decent amount of likes. That’s simply because your interaction with other users is low.

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